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Some of the best puzzle and board game remakes are available here. Play classics like connect 4, konnectors and gem mania.

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Where's Saddam Play Where's Saddam now!

Ring Bearer Play Ring Bearer now!

Xtreme Shell Game Play Xtreme Shell Game now!

Gem Mania Play Gem Mania now!

Pipe Mania Play Pipe Mania now!

Connect 4 Play Connect 4 now!

Crash Down Play Crash Down now!

Mega Puzzle Play Mega Puzzle now!

Socoban Play Socoban now!

African Mask Play African Mask now!

Slidermania Play Slidermania now!

Loft Game Play Loft Game now!

Match Up Play Match Up now!

Quix Play Quix now!

All Out Play All Out now!

Gyro Ball Play Gyro Ball now!

The Peg Game Play The Peg Game now!

Sonic Heroes Puzzle Play Sonic Heroes Puzzle now!

Todd's Games Play Todd's Games now!

Tactics Core Play Tactics Core now!

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