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Board games have existed for thousands of years. They reflect our intellectual inclination, or at least how to entertain with a simple surface and some pieces. Learn to play, accept an Artificial Intelligence challenge against a computer programmer, or better yet against a friend.

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Blobz Play Blobz now!

Battleships Play Battleships now!

Minesweeper Play Minesweeper now!

Mahjongg Play Mahjongg now!

3D Reversi Play 3D Reversi now!

Great Mahjong Play Great Mahjong now!

Spark Your Neurons Play Spark Your Neurons now!

Monster Hatch Play Monster Hatch now!

Allout Play Allout now!

Easy Chess Play Easy Chess now!

Master Checkers Play Master Checkers now!

Koala Checkers Play Koala Checkers now!

Mah Jongg Play Mah Jongg now!

Lines Play Lines now!

Hexxagon Play Hexxagon now!

Othello Play Othello now!

Reversi Play Reversi now!

Ratsuk Play Ratsuk now!

UR Checkers Play UR Checkers now!

Fla-jong Play Fla-jong now!

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