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Action Flash Games

Action is defined as the state of being active; but action here do not refer to legal action, but to fun action. Here is a collection of Action Games, the ones you could want in one place! Play roles, be a victim, be a king, just to be or not to be, as you make your way through these stimulating games.

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Crystalite Block Buster Play Crystalite Block Buster now!

Box 3 Play Box 3 now!

Agent Footy Play Agent Footy now!

Ankomako Play Ankomako now!

Tha Viruz Play Tha Viruz now!

Forest Play Forest now!

Appliances Run Amuck Play Appliances Run Amuck now!

Jumping Circle 3 Play Jumping Circle 3 now!

Short Bus Rampage Play Short Bus Rampage now!

Jungle Master Play Jungle Master now!

Trampoline Play Trampoline now!

Jackhammer Rampage Play Jackhammer Rampage now!

Defy Gravity Play Defy Gravity now!

Rodeo Play Rodeo now!

Greedy Pinatas Play Greedy Pinatas now!

Urban S.W.A.T. Play Urban S.W.A.T. now!

Fear Unlimited Play Fear Unlimited now!

Fly Eating Play Fly Eating now!

Diver Duck Play Diver Duck now!

Fall Down 2 Play Fall Down 2 now!

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