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Action is defined as the state of being active; but action here do not refer to legal action, but to fun action. Here is a collection of Action Games, the ones you could want in one place! Play roles, be a victim, be a king, just to be or not to be, as you make your way through these stimulating games.

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Joe The Rocket Play Joe The Rocket now!

Escape From Rhetundo Island Play Escape From Rhetundo Island now!

Megaman Vs. Metroid Play Megaman Vs. Metroid now!

Spring String Play Spring String now!

Panik In Bubble Trouble Play Panik In Bubble Trouble now!

Pingo Play Pingo now!

Puppy Red Play Puppy Red now!

Sheep Color Balls Play Sheep Color Balls now!

Reventure Play Reventure now!

Metroid Genesis Play Metroid Genesis now!

Orc Slayer Play Orc Slayer now!

Schnappi Play Schnappi now!

Static Shock Play Static Shock now!

Pyoro Play Pyoro now!

Star Runner Play Star Runner now!

Down Boy Play Down Boy now!

Qweck Attack Play Qweck Attack now!

Hook, Line & Sinker Play Hook, Line & Sinker now!

Dog Game Play Dog Game now!

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