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Action is defined as the state of being active; but action here do not refer to legal action, but to fun action. Here is a collection of Action Games, the ones you could want in one place! Play roles, be a victim, be a king, just to be or not to be, as you make your way through these stimulating games.

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Dragon Force Play Dragon Force now!

Free Run Play Free Run now!

Funny Buttons Play Funny Buttons now!

Kookin Kidz Play Kookin Kidz now!

Hover Bot Play Hover Bot now!

Six Feet Under Play Six Feet Under now!

Beach Bobbing Bob Play Beach Bobbing Bob now!

Rocket Bob Play Rocket Bob now!

Name That Game Play Name That Game now!

Alchemist Flame Out Play Alchemist Flame Out now!

Jungle Dave Play Jungle Dave now!

Jingle Balls Play Jingle Balls now!

Keith Annihilation Play Keith Annihilation now!

Armadillo Knight Play Armadillo Knight now!

Island Hop Play Island Hop now!

Flying Gonzo Play Flying Gonzo now!

La Hague Play La Hague now!

Sledding Madness Play Sledding Madness now!

Griswold The Goblin Play Griswold The Goblin now!

Kill Bill Play Kill Bill now!

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