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Action is defined as the state of being active; but action here do not refer to legal action, but to fun action. Here is a collection of Action Games, the ones you could want in one place! Play roles, be a victim, be a king, just to be or not to be, as you make your way through these stimulating games.

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Pumpkin Battle Play Pumpkin Battle now!

Rice Hat Warrior Play Rice Hat Warrior now!

Stickman Sam 3 Play Stickman Sam 3 now!

Alien Play Alien now!

Tanks Play Tanks now!

Fly Plane Play Fly Plane now!

Kaboom Play Kaboom now!

Air Dodge Play Air Dodge now!

Mr. Don Play Mr. Don now!

Fruits Play Fruits now!

Assault Part 1 Play Assault Part 1 now!

Assault Part 4 Play Assault Part 4 now!

Solid RPG Play Solid RPG now!

Assault Part 2 Play Assault Part 2 now!

Assault Part 5 Play Assault Part 5 now!

Jakes House Play Jakes House now!

Corridor Play Corridor now!

Superfighter Play Superfighter now!

Bush vs Kerry Play Bush vs Kerry now!

Santa Fighter Play Santa Fighter now!

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