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Action Flash Games
Action is defined as the state of being active; but action here do not refer to legal action, but to fun action. Here is a collection of Action Games, the ones you could want in one place! Play roles, be a victim, be a king, just to be or not to be, as you make your way through these stimulating games.
Puzzle Flash Games
Some of the best puzzle and board game remakes are available here. Play classics like connect 4, konnectors and gem mania.
Sports Flash Games
Every sports lover will find a game they love in here. From Golf to Bowling, we have a wide selection of computer adapted sports games.
Strategy Flash Games
Patience and intelligent tactics are necessary for these strategy games. Some of these games allow 2 player action so you can invite a friend to outwit.
Shooting Flash Games
Take up arms in these great shooting games. We have lots of different types, from cowboy saloon shootout to state-of-the art warfare.
Arcade Flash Games
Find all the best arcade games and old atari classics in here. Pac Man and Tetris to name a couple.
Other Flash Games
Check this out for some crazy freestyle games. Any awesome games that we cant squeeze into another category can be found here.
Adventure Flash Games
Only the best adventure games can be found here. Why not make your way through ancient tombs as Indiana Jones?
Board Flash Games
Board games have existed for thousands of years. They reflect our intellectual inclination, or at least how to entertain with a simple surface and some pieces. Learn to play, accept an Artificial Intelligence challenge against a computer programmer, or better yet against a friend.
Kids Flash Games
OK kids, here are your selection of games to have fun, or better yet to learn...
Car Flash Games
So... you are into cars; race cars. crash cars, park cars, puzzle with cars or...

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